New Mexico Vacation Rentals

New Mexico Vacation RentalsNew Mexico Vacation Rentals authentic adobe homes, stream side cabins, ski slope chalets, mountain homes, desert villas, ski resort condos, and apartment rentals.

Albuquerque, Angel Fire, Santa Fe, Taos, Red River, Ruidoso and all other New Mexico vacation destinations.

From the Chihuahuan desert, to the Rocky Mountains, to the famous dry lakebeds, to the spectacular canyons, this state contains six of the seven recognized life zones on the planet! The Rio Grande runs through it and many hot springs bubble up from it.

A New Mexico vacation rental is the perfect way to experience the spicy mix that is New Mexico – from native cultures to the blend of Hispanic and European traditions. The state’s art, soul & stories reside in its celebrated museums, legendary historic sites and majestic monuments to the past.

New Mexico Vacation RentalsA New Mexico vacation home in the Angel Fire, Red River or Taos areas offer access to top skiing & snowboarding.

Santa Fe is renowned for its art galleries & is home to North America’s oldest church.

Albuquerque, the state’s largest city, is the entryway for most visitors.

Ruidoso is home to world-famous skiing and horse racing and is near White Sands National Monument.

Gila National Forest is a great place to explore near Silver City in the southwest.

New Mexico Vacation Rentals from Desert to Alpine

New Mexico doesn’t just bake in the dry desert sunshine. This is chili country and the cuisine, which blends Mexican, Spanish and Native American, is famously spicy. A good place to start your vacation is the city different, Santa Fe. Here, you’ll find an intriguing blend of Spanish colonial and indigenous adobe architecture. After you’ve had your fill, you can drive out to stay in remote New Mexico vacation rentals which sit among alpine  mountain villages, ancient Indian Pueblos and cactus-studded deserts. Legends of outlaws and native folklore only add to this fascinating place, which feels like nowhere else in the world!

New Mexico Vacation Rentals

New Mexico Vacation Wildlife

NM wildlife vacation enthusiasts will enjoy the sheer number of wildlife preserves which are easily accessible from your New Mexico vacation rental. Down at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, you’ll find more than 32,000 snow geese and the winter grounds for 1,000s more sandhill cranes, who use it as a stopping point during their migration. If you’re lucky enough to visit the Valles Caldera National Preserve, you’d better bring your camera, because you’re not going to want to miss snapping pics of elk herds, black bears and elusive coyotes slinking around the Jemez Mountains.

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